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This unit in the main villa includes the nautical style kitchen in turquoise and sandy colors, the large living room and a sunny dining area with direct access to the plaza through sliding doors. The nearby fountain and the view on the beautiful outside plants give this unit a special tropical twist.


There are 3 bedrooms.

All of them can have the single beds or double bed lay-out. .

All bedrooms have on-suite bathrooms.

In bedroom number 3 a single bed can be added on request

Bedroom number 2 has direct access to the backside patio.

Unit 2 (downstairs) 

Total of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

Sleeps up to 7 adults 

"Jules Vernes’ novel from 1870 was the inspiration to decorate this apartment dipped in turquoise and sandy beach colours. You can find references to Captain Nemo’s epic adventures on his submarine ‘The Nautilus’, all over the apartment decorations. It will make you dream of long lost worlds and islands far far away…"

"20.000 leagues under the sea"


Living and dining room

Spacious living and dining room with access to the plaza by sliding doors. Smart tv and airconditioning.

Jules Verne_edited.png

Jules Verne

With 1 double or 2 separate beds.

On suite bathroom.

The Nautilus_edited.png

The Nautilus

With 1 double bed, 2 separate beds or 1 double and 1 separate bed.

On suite bathroom.



Fully equiped brand new kitchen with microwave, dishwasher, fridge with freezer….

Captain Nemo_edited.png

Captain Nemo

With 1 double or 2 separate beds.

Big on suite bathroom.

Direct access to the outside terrace by door.


Direct access to the fountain

Dining in the company of the diver

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